Job Interview

Had a job interview today in an organization called Applibase Its a startup company which is into web application development. I had given the written test a couple of days earlier and had been shortlisted for the interview which was today. It took me sometime to locate the office since I was not familiar with that part of the city but I found it.

And since I have left much earlier anticipating taking time to locate the office, I was early. The person who was to interview me had not yet arrived so in the meantime I spoke to one of my seniors Thejaswi and another collegue of his. We generally chatted informally about what projects I had done and what my interests were with regard to working.

Soon the interviewer, Mr Matthews came and we started the interview. He initally asked me for my background with regard to my projects and studies. Then he gave me some problems to solve, most of which I knew the answer to except one. But one problem with me was that for some reason I was unable to concentrate and hence did not understand/listen completely to the problem. I solved the problems after quite some clarification but I was apalled to realise that I had forgotten decimal to binary number conversion! Gaahhh!! :sad:

He then asked me about my family and where I was from and was quite interested when I told him what my native was. Soon after that the interview ended. But after that, I was to have a telephonic conversation with the head of Applibase, Mr Tony G. Thomas. It was a very genial and comfortable chat where he asked me about what I had done in college and what I was interested in for a job. That lasted for about 25 mins or so (I am not sure). Then Thejaswi showed me around the office.

That was it and they told me they would get back to me within a week if I was selected. Though Mr Matthews showed not much expressions, personally I feel that I did not so as well as I could have. Oh well let’s see what happens :?:


As evident from the comments, I did get the job :-)


  1. Thejaswi June 16, 2005

    Hi Ananth,

    Congrats , you were very right, you must have received a letter by now. Check your mail.

  2. AJ June 18, 2005

    Yea I did get it. I am so happy. I only logged in today and saw that. Thanks a ton :-)

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