Daily Archives: June 9, 2005


Things are getting quite hectic. Have to do lots of work for my sister’s marriage which is coming up soon. I have been busy preparing invitations for the past two days. Yesterday, called two of my friends over to help out and we sat for about 6 hrs straight doing them :-O

Today was very hectic too. Early in the morning (about 1230 or so) to take me for shopping for my sister’s wedding. BOring work and tiring too.

By the time we finished it, my dad called and asked me to rush to cunningham rd to pick up some papers. From there it was destination dad’s office. Then I rushed home to get some forms filled by my sis which were to be mailed to my bro-in-law. Once that was done, I had to go to my cell phone providers office cos they had overcharged my dad the last 3 months and were making it a pain to correct the bill over the phone. I finally made my way back home tired and busted :(