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I’m disgusted and extremely sad today. One of the best guys one can know, Tom Vogt, creator of the best game I have ever played, Battlemaster, which is a browser based, online RPG, recently gave up playing his own game. Why? Because some of the players playing _his_ game, accused him of cheating and using means which benifit him and his player.

Not only was that the must absurd and disgusting thing I heard, it hurt him so much, he decided to delete his account and give up playing _his_ own game. Today he made an announcement stating that he had been so disillusioned by that episode that he had lost motivation in the development of the game.

And I’m sad. Not for the development of the game but for Tom because from what interaction I have had with him, he is a fantastic guy and a terrific person. And he did not deserve to be treated as he was by players for whom he had done so much.

Edit: Removed an inflammatory comment. Not my style

A guide to Anonymous Blogging

With all the paranoia surrounding blogging and the spate of lawsuits, arrests, cease and desist orders etc, this is a great read for those who want to blog _completely_ anonymously. This goes very far out in using relays, anonymous email accounts etc.

Extremely good read for those who want to blog but don’t want the hassle of potential lawsuits, for example when whistle-blowing on a “bad” company or when one’s educational institute is very conservative.

A technical guide to anonymous blogging – a very early draft

Edit: I know this article is very old. I had actually published this post quite a while back but somehow marked it as a private post. Recently reviewing my meagre archives, I came across it again and published it :-)

Edit 2: Thanks to Dave, a newer article has been published and is available here

Xprss It Finally Live

Well Xprss It is finally released. It is a RSS aggregator. But it’s not just the normal aggregator but also a community site where you can share content with others, have contacts and contact groups as well as publish your own Blog!

And this is only a preview release. We, at Applibase, have worked for quite sometime on it and are quite proud of it. We hope to add _tons_ of features before the next beta release which should be quite soon. But till then, please try it out and give us feedback as well as criticism on how to improve it :)

Warning: It is a Preview Release so things are bound to break. But worry not for we are working harder than ever to make sure things get fixed before you notice them. And if you do notice them, tell us and we will fix it before you know it ;-)

Why Linux sucks and why it can’t beat windows yet!

I know it’s a very controversial post and I am sure if any of the Linux evangelists find it, they will flame me. But please I want no flames. I only detail what I have experienced here and what I have gone through using Linux :-(

The first 100 web-domains ever!

This is a list of the first 100 domains ever registered! Imagine an Internet where almost all domain names you can think of are available! :D ….

Surprising thing to note is Intel, IBM, Apple, HP etc are all registered but microsoft is not!

The original post is here

Beware – IE security vulnerability

Just follow these steps here in the order :-

1) Copy “any” text on to your clipboard

2) Click the following Link:


I started using my Ipod yesterday but trouble struck at the second step. The installation, though a tad bit slow, completed smoothely. ITunes recognised my prized possesion :-D and gave me access to copy songs to it. But trouble struck at that point. It would not copy the songs according to the folders I had my music arranged in. So all my organisation right now lies to a waste.

I need to find out how to do that. Anyone have any ideas on how to achieve that?

Ipod Finally in my hands

Yaaaaay.. Today is independence day and it turns out I finally got the object I desired the most for the past year or so.

An Apple Ipod A gift from my sister. She had been on her honeymoon for the past fortnight and a day before she was to return, I asked her to get me one. :-)

It’s a 20 GB model which can store about 5000 songs. Though I had asked for one with a mono display, it seems the color display has become the default and mono display production has been stopped. Good for me :-D
It is awesome and I just still cant believe that I got one.

Woo hoo