Ipod Finally in my hands

Yaaaaay.. Today is independence day and it turns out I finally got the object I desired the most for the past year or so.

An Apple Ipod A gift from my sister. She had been on her honeymoon for the past fortnight and a day before she was to return, I asked her to get me one. :-)

It’s a 20 GB model which can store about 5000 songs. Though I had asked for one with a mono display, it seems the color display has become the default and mono display production has been stopped. Good for me :-D
It is awesome and I just still cant believe that I got one.

Woo hoo


  1. Swetha January 15, 2006

    Hey u got the ipod as a gift!!! thats even more awesome :). I am so excited about just my 2gb i pod that i bought. Always wanted to buy 1 as soon as i started earning…

  2. AJ January 17, 2006

    Yeah. An Ipod is so much fun. And the sound so great.
    And the nano is so compact it looks even more cool :-)

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