Xprss It Finally Live

Well Xprss It is finally released. It is a RSS aggregator. But it’s not just the normal aggregator but also a community site where you can share content with others, have contacts and contact groups as well as publish your own Blog!

And this is only a preview release. We, at Applibase, have worked for quite sometime on it and are quite proud of it. We hope to add _tons_ of features before the next beta release which should be quite soon. But till then, please try it out and give us feedback as well as criticism on how to improve it :)

Warning: It is a Preview Release so things are bound to break. But worry not for we are working harder than ever to make sure things get fixed before you notice them. And if you do notice them, tell us and we will fix it before you know it ;-)


  1. Ankur December 5, 2005

    wow … I just coded a minimal RSS aggregator in perl after auditing amphetadesk … all this as part of my mini project … It feels good to see a web product come out of India … way to go … is it meant to compete along side bloglines and others ?

  2. AJ December 5, 2005

    Compete and hopefully better them ;-)

    But as I mentioned, it’s still a preview release and quite sometime to go before the final release. And we are going to make sure that it is much better than the other aggregators around :-)

  3. John January 11, 2006

    As far as I’m concerned, Xprssit blows Bloglines out of the water . . . in theory. There are still bugs and stability issues. But Bloglines has a lot of bugs too.

    I intend to stick with you, at least as long as you keep fixing problems.

    I’d be interested in hearing your plan to support Xprssit. Will you sell advertising? Will you charge for use?

    BTW, if Xprssit fulfills on its promise, I’d be willing to pay a reasonable amount for the service.

  4. AJ January 11, 2006

    Without doubt. We are constantly fixing and trying to improve and every single comment by our users is discussed in depth :-)

    We got it out with some of the bugs since it’s a preview release, for the main reason that we wanted more real-world user feedback.

    Bugs usually get fixed as soon as they are located but we test it more rigorously this time round and due to a more periodic deployement, the user’s see it after a couple of days of reporting the bug

    Though I cannot reveal much at this point, we will not only support XprssIt but also enhance it much more than it currently is. And that is not just in terms of features but performance and stability as well.

    Right now, we are working hard for the beta release which should be soon coming up. Other than that, I am not at a liberty to go into details about our company’s strategy for the product in terms of pricing. I hope you can understand and give us time till it’s more ready for a proper unveiling to the world :-)

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