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Tempus Fugit

Oh yes it does.. It was just sometime ago that I was going through the whole application process. And now it seems to be that time again.

Work had been hectic the past few weeks. Completed a major task at work so things are better now and seem to be slowing down now.

Got a new MP3 player, a SanDisk Sansa Fuze. It’s flash based and really cool. My colleague thinks it is very cute (yes she is a girl ;) )

I’ll soon be joining a short course called Social Entrepreneurship Outreach Program (SEOP) by a group known as Center for Social Initiatives and Management (CSIM).

Oh and I’ve been reading quite a few books as usual. Quick list of books I’ve read recently:

Oh and I think there were a few more but I don’t remember. I’m sure you can imagine why ;)
These are in the past 4-5 months (except the Watchmen Graphic novel)
More later.. Hopefully..

Book Review – The Art of Black and White Photography By Torsten Andress Hoffman

When I saw this book up for review, I jumped at the chance immediately. Having a deep interest in Photography, with the new camera, I now have complete control over my photos and their look.

I have always considered Black and white photography the real art form of photography. The  representation of the image that can be represented just by the two colors is simply amazing. It also focuses the viewer to pay attention to the details and the subject rather than the colors which in some cases I have found to be a distraction.

In a sense, for me, Black and White photographs speak more than color photographs. Not to take anything away from color photos for they have their own place (and I take a lot more of them too), I personally favor B&W photos. Below is a review of a very good book dedicated to Black and White Photographs: The Art of Black and White Photography

MacBook Air Comparison

Well the MacBook Air has been released by Apple. I think it is a beautiful machine but the specifications of the system sucks. And it’s freaking expensive. I know I wont be getting it anytime ;)

However, I came across an awesome pic which does a feature comparison of the MacBook Air to one of the most popular computers in the history of computing. No surprises that the Air comes out on top. I will let you decide for yourself though ;)


My favorite phone of all time, my Nokia 3660 died the day before yesterday, of old age. The phone in my opinion was fantastic with only two shortcomings in my opinion. No support of MP3 and slow processor.

Anyway, as a result of the death, I have lost all my contacts, schedules and the email addresses as well as a variety of notes to self. And of course, much data which I don’t remember is there on the phone and is gone!

Thankfully most of my messages are saved on the memory card so they are safe (though I am not sure how to retrieve them)

Anyway, if any of you have my phone number, or wish to keep contact, please email, im or txt me your phone number.

Looking for a phone

I’m looking to get myself a new cell phone since the current Nokia 6280 I have is giving me a few problems. I’m not looking for anything fancy (no “music” phones or “camera” phones) but it should work well, have stable software AND good gaming capabilities would be a plus ;)

Any suggestions? I’m thinking of Sony Ericsson W810i or 850i. No idea about the latest Nokia phones which are good. Budget of about 10-12K INR. Maybe VRS can get me one of the latest models cheap from Finland ;)

Me got one too

Inspired by Kuksie, I went out and got myself one of these (It’s a logitech gamepad with force feedback) too!
Looks and feels awesome.. And it’s cordless too.. Will start cracking out the games now ;)

Finally I can put my relatively decent grafix card to some strain :D

Radical Phone design?

Ok this is radical design. No I dont think it is an official Nokia design but who knows if someday they might create a phone like this.

Not only does it look supremely cool, it would be fun to play around with it as well :-D
Of course, it should be robust enough to handle daily and a bit of rough use, though I can’t see many guys using this one. Would probably be considered as too girlish by the Macho Men ;-) :-P

The phone concept is viewable here. And dont forget the watch the animation!

Nokia 888

Ipod Nano

Ipod NanoApple has launched the IPod Nano, a new mini Ipod player which is based on solid state flash memory. It comes with 2 and 4 GB capacities with each capacity coming in black and white colors making a total of four models. It also has the awesome click wheel which is ultra touch sensitive and insanely fun to use.

It has the color screen using which you can also use the nano as a digital photo album. A smaller IPod photo.

And it’s dimensions are even more sleek. It is smaller than an average playing card and thinner than a regular wood pencil. Now is that nano or what :-D

Along with the new IPod release, Apple has also unveiled the Motorola ROKR the first phone with Itunes in it. It usually ships with 512 MB or flash card which can store about 100 songs. So more good news for those require integrated phone cum music player.

Note: Image courtesy Apple Inc