I started using my Ipod yesterday but trouble struck at the second step. The installation, though a tad bit slow, completed smoothely. ITunes recognised my prized possesion :-D and gave me access to copy songs to it. But trouble struck at that point. It would not copy the songs according to the folders I had my music arranged in. So all my organisation right now lies to a waste.

I need to find out how to do that. Anyone have any ideas on how to achieve that?


  1. The Comic Project August 17, 2005

    you lucky dog you….my rio karma (the best music player in the world) died about 10 days ago (see the entry in the blog). And now i have decided to go for a iPod. Always thought that it was a girlie thing, the iPod, too pretty for my taste. But not left with much of a choice. I need a player with enough storage (60 gig) as my music collection will easily go above 30-40 gig (most of it legal). But awaiting some funds so i can splurge.

  2. The Comic Project August 17, 2005

    btw.have you tagged your songs?My karma forced me to tag my collection which helped me organize it and i ensure that each song is tagged according to its name, album, artist, genre. I think the final organization of the songs in your iPod will be on the basis of the tagging.Painful, but worth it.USe The Godfather for the same.Also buy a sleeve. i suggest iSkin eVo.

  3. AJ August 18, 2005

    Yeah I read about your Karma and was quite sorry about it. I know how painful it can be when something so precious and essential dies. I had one give up on me too :-(

    I have always loved the Ipod. Apple for me is like the “Real computer guys” and when I first saw the touch sensitive scroll, I fell in love with it at first sight :-D

    I would have loved to get a 60 gig too but it was too far beyong my means to purchase. I’m going to be happy with this too though. :-D

  4. AJ August 18, 2005

    As for tagging, I am not sure what you mean? If it is id3 tags, then I have tagged most of the songs. However, what I actually require is that I have arranged my songs according to genre such as Rock, pop, Rap etc and I want that sort maintained. The second level of sort is according to artist which also I need to be maintained.

    I googled a bit for it but could not find what I was looking for. But then I have not tried really hard ;-)

    I do plan to buy a skin since each scratch which might come on the Ipod will be like a scratch on my heart :cry:

    Arghh.. I just found out that the iSkin Evo is not compatible with my Ipod ( A fourth generation Ipod Photo. I’ll have to look at something else which is also available in India since I dont know who might be coming soon from abroad to get it for me.

  5. The Comic Project August 18, 2005

    its weird why itunes is not letiting you get your songs in. try to do it in small batches..100 songs at a time, then 200…that should work, maybe you will find if it is a bad track which is stopping the process. Check out http://www.ilounge.com and they have a awesome iPod book which has a huge list of accessories. Try the vajacase. leather. expensive. brilliant.

  6. AJ August 18, 2005

    It is not the way I understood I think. It allows me to copy the music. I have about 9 gigs on it. The problem is that I have it sorted in folders according to my preferences. But when I copy it to the Ipod, It loses the folder info and thus all my songs get mixed up :-(

    I need the folder preservation to enjoy the music :roll:

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