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Who is to blame?

I just finished watching Lord of War and found it a very powerful movie. Told from the perspective of a gun runner and how he lived his life, it gives a very nice insight into how a criminal (which is subjective but that’s another topic) thinks and rationalizes his actions to himself.

Anyway, so in the movie, the character played by Nicholas Cage, Yuri, always maintains “This is not my/our fight” while selling arms, arms which cause so much of death all over the world.

So my question is, who is to blame for all those deaths? Of course those who actually use the weapons are definitely to be blamed! But are those who sell the weapons to be blamed too? And by extension then, those who manufacture the weapons? What about the people who create an environment, the need for weapons which triggers the manufacture, sale and ultimately use of weapons? And by weapons I mean from the smallest gun to the largest bombs, missiles etc..

Ps. Yes I know it’s late but sleep comes not :(

The Don’t Blame Me Generation

How much is this situation prevalant? I have myself noticed this phenomen in a few of my cousins. They are rude, unconcerned with others and always ready to shift the blame.

And in most cases, I feel, it happens to the filthy rich where the parents try and solve all their problems related to their kids through money. Is our generation really going down like this. And if this is the current scenario, what about the next generation?
The Don’t Blame Me Generation