I’m a nice Guy

Got this off ASR. A really funny read and quite true too ;).

So how true would this be? I think it’s quite accurate and true. It’s a rant yeah but does make sense.

So now, I claim to be a nice guy. Any girls out there willing to prove me wrong ;) :P

Ode to the Nice Guys ;)


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  2. Haas March 22, 2006

    cheers :)

  3. preethi March 23, 2006

    Nice post. Never actually thought of it, but yeah, its nice to have friends who are nice guys :)
    Now, coming to you.. thats another matter ;) I will wait for the other girls to prove you wrong ;)

  4. AJ March 23, 2006

    Ahem.. That’s what is the issue.. That we are just nice guys and that’s it!

    So you agree I’m a nice guy ;)

  5. priya April 6, 2006

    you’re a nice guy, you really are.

  6. AJ April 6, 2006

    Now this is confusing! I’m a nice guy in the sense of the article or a nice guy as in not a jerk :-/

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