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Young grow old

When does teenage rebellion against parents turn into actual issues/conflicts with parents? When should it be resolved (or at least attempted to)


I need to reorganize. I am wasting too much of my time and not doing enough productive tasks. As a result, I’m not doing justice to my studies, work and some other stuff I should and want to do.

For this, I’m thinking of implementing some steps to reorganize how I spend my time. First would be to severely cut down on IM, E-mails and IRC. Well almost I hope cos it’ll be tough to get off skype since we use it mainly in our office to communicate with each other and the people in the US office..
Next, I somehow need to convince my parents to allow me to ditch my cell phones. I have absolutely no need for them and consider them a huge waste of time and money. Plus they are extremely intrusive. Unfortunately, my parents disagree and are literally forcing me to keep them! :(
I have tried and they say fine ditch the phones and then get one exclusively for keeping in contact with us. :O Yeah right, that would be so much different.
Next would be to reduce my RSS feed subscription to those which provide me a better ROI for my time in reading them. I have a lot of unnecessary feeds which, if removed, would most likely not cause a loss! ;)
Yes, this will prolly make me less accessible but then that is one my secondary goals as well ;)
But I’m not yet certain if I should go ahead with this.

The Don’t Blame Me Generation

How much is this situation prevalant? I have myself noticed this phenomen in a few of my cousins. They are rude, unconcerned with others and always ready to shift the blame.

And in most cases, I feel, it happens to the filthy rich where the parents try and solve all their problems related to their kids through money. Is our generation really going down like this. And if this is the current scenario, what about the next generation?
The Don’t Blame Me Generation