Broadband heaven

It’s been quite sometime since I posted but I have been soo busy lately that I have not had the time to post. But I’ll be trying to do it more often henceforth.

So I finally got a real broadband internet connection. My dad getting frsustrated with the measly 64 kbps connection that we had, he finally asked me to change to a faster connection. I had been resisting changing the plan because the one which we had earlier gave me unlimited internet time and data transfer. The one which he had proposed earlier limited the data transfer to 1GB.

But however, he calls me last evening and shows me a plan which gave unlimited connection time and data transfer but at speeds 4 times more,ie, 256 kbps :-D.. Whee. And that at only 50% more then the previous tariff plan.

So I call the customer service, get all the details and change the plan. Though she said it would take 48 hrs (Horrors) dad pleasantly surprised me in the morning saying the plan has already been updated. So I have been surfing at broadband speeds since morning :-D
And I think I have gone crazy with it. I have been downloading non-stop since morning. Just dont ask me what I downloaded cos you are most likely to laugh. No it’s not the unbiquitous pron, it much more childish (atleast in my parent’s view) I’ve been downloading cartoons and comics. Whole bunches of them by the cartloads, or maybe MB”loads” ;-)

Soooo fun :-)


  1. Chandru September 8, 2005

    cool dude, congrats on the new connection and btw is it still Airtel… and drop in ur connection details sounds interesting.(my current one gives me 1Gb bandwidth which is not enuf :P )

  2. AJ September 8, 2005

    Yep it is still Airtel. A new plan where I get 256 k speeds with no bandwidth limits and data transfer limits. :-D

    Rental is INR 999 pm and no phone rental. But you also dont get any free calls with the plan.

    What more details do ya need?

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