Accidents Accidents

Bad day for a few today. On my way to work, I witnessed two accidents. The first looking more serious and the second trivial but accident nonetheless.

Very close to my house, there is a pretty big traffic junction. As I took the turn towards my office, the traffic had halted due to an accident. A bus it seems had hit a motorcycle. Though I did not witness the accident, as I passed the bus and the bike, I saw a small kid, holding one of his arms with lots of cuts on it limping towards the bike crying. I was shocked at the sight but carried on.

As I proceeded, I thought abt myself. (For those who dont know, I ride a bike to work too) and thought what would happen if I was in an accident.

As I went on, I stopped at another red light. As the light turned to green, one guy in a car, just released the clutch thinking he was on neutral. The car, obviously jumped and it hit an auto right in front of it. Though there was no damage to the auto, the auto driver came out of the auto and started gesturing at the driver to come out. Then he moved his auto to block the car and asked him to move to the side of the road. I was literally laughing and thinking, “dude you just screwed your morning and possibly the entire day.” Thats cos these auto drivers are very bad. They make a big deal out of nothing on seeing an oppurtunity for fleecing someone.

Then, as I was reaching my office, there was another huge traffic jam. It seems there was some sort of a strike on the road which leads up to my office and so it had been blocked by the cops. Frustrating. It took me 45 mins to cover the last km up to the road and then I get to know that it’s blocked and I’ll have to turn back and go by another route. I was royally pissed. As a result of the strike, I reached office an hour late.


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