Email problems – Thunderbird

I am pissed. Though not sure who to be pissed at. Thunderbird (My email client), Gmail, or my ISP. It’s been 3 days since I started having email problems. I use only pop3 email accounts cos I hate web-mail.

But the problem seems to only be with Gmail. And only when I am using Thunderbird. It starts to connect to the server, get’s the message list and then just stops. No, I dont get an error message. It’s like it just gave up trying to download the mail. And I know it is not because of timing out due to large attachements cos one of my accounts only receives plain text mail with no attachements.

Two othernon-gmail accounts are received correctly. I am really pissed. Because of the problems, I got delayed in send out two important emails and replying to a couple which required immediate replies.

I finally did something which I thought might help. I turned off my firewall(Shut it down completely) and left my comp on for the entire night to sit and download all the mail. I know, I know it was a foolish thing to do but I was pissed.

One word of advice from a comp geek, if you want a hassle free email client or a client for which you might require tech support, skip thunderbird. You will get absolutely no response from the thunderbird staff or the IRC network. Even the forums or the online documentation is worthless. The product is great and all but expect nothing more than what you get in the download.

It started working fine last night. I dont know how it happened, I guess it was a Gmail issue and so the server problem was corrected. I however standby my statements about support for Tbird and FFox

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