The Next step

I am thinking of starting a photoblog too. I think I will use a photoblog suite called PixelPost, considered one of the best photoblog tools. Only trouble is, it requires a DB and I am not sure I want to risk using the WP(WordPress), that is my current blog’s DB just in the case that PixelPost decides it should be cleaned of all data and started afresh.

I tried making a backup of the DB but could not get /phpmyadmin/ to get to work. I even sent a support request to my hosting providers Symonds.Net and he tried to be helpful but only told me what I already know. So I sent him a mail asking him to do the backup and send it to me via e-mail. He is yet to respond but I guess that is due to it probably being night in the US where I assume they are located. I hope he replies by tomorrow so I can start photo-blogging :-D

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