Books I started and never finished

I don't know. Never got around to finishing it. It started getting deep into religion and philosophy and so I sort of tuned it out.

That is one of the very few books that I've started and never finished.

Another is Atlas Shrugged. BOring book. Could not get past 50 pages of the book.

But I guess the worst was Catch 22. Could not get past even half a page. Does that even count as starting? ;)


  1. Sidharth Kuruvila February 2, 2009

    Same for me, with Life of Pi. I did do Catch 22 though, I was still in college then. so I had the time, and the inclination to read it. I has it’s good parts.

  2. AJ February 2, 2009

    I’ve heard lots about C22. Borrowed it from a friend but just could not go past the first half page. This was in college too.

    Dunno, that book just did not interest me for some reason..

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