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The God is back

Michael Schumacher at a press conference at th...
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Yes, Michael Schumacher is back. As a racing driver of course. But for a short while to replace the seriously injured Felipe Massa (That was a scary and freaky accident. Thank god he is going to be better) for at the least the European Grand Prix.

Yes, this post is quite late considering it’s been over 24 hours since MS was confirmed to be back but then I did not want to celebrate before it was a certainty. Now I am extremely pleased (please read jumping with joy but I shall try to be mature and say pleased ;-) ) that we all get a chance to see Schumi back in a Formula 1 car. However it also makes me long. Long to perhaps see Schumi in one of the last few races he will be in a formula 1 car as a F1 driver. It’s like a sign that this is my chance to see him live. Oh I wish I could…


Felipe Massa Spray
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Felipe Massa just lost the Formula 1 World Drivers Championship in the last 5 seconds of the last lap of the last race of 2008. And all due to another driver.

What a heartbreak. Now Lamilton is going to be insufferable. Even more than he is!

Augh.. But Vettel is my new hero. And Kubica too for his last lap stunt.

I was praying so hard for Vettel to not slip and not give up his position. And the entire last lap, my heart was beating as if I’d just run a race. I actually measured it too D: