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I have had one of the most weird series of dreams, in 3 successive days. I dont remember the dreams in entirety but only bit’s and pieces of them but they go as follow

Dream 1: Two days back(or rather nights) I dreamt that one of my sister’s friend(I dont know who) was pestering me for something. I dont know what she was pestering me for but only that she was kinda following me around constantly asking me for it.

Dream 2: A day back(Last to last night) I dreamt that I was on some sort of a boat and the dream ended as a small kid throwing his puppy, called “Vivacious”, into the sea, crying out Bye Viv, Bye Viv.

Dream 3: I dont remember what the dream was, but it involved some death.

Now I dont believe in dream interpretation but if someone does know the meaning of these dreams, do leave a comment since I would be curious to their meaining.

PS. The title comes from the name of the movie production house of one of the biggest actors in India, Shah Rukh Khan.


  1. Charishma August 17, 2005

    One interpretation that i’ve heard a lot, but don’t really believe in is that, if someone dies in u’re dream, it only means that the person would be living a longer life…

  2. AJ August 17, 2005

    Hmm.. I dont even remember who it is so whoever you were in the dream, you will have a long life according to Charishma :razz: :lol:

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