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I am without a computer… That makes me positively depressed.
The SMPS in my computer has burnt out. It is the 3rd time this is happening :-(
I suspect it is the motherboard but the technician says it is a SMPS problem. Thankfully, the last 2 burn outs are covered by warranty ;-)
Hmm… I want to replace the entire motherboard and the processor but my dad won’t sponsor. Guess I will have to plod along with the ancient junk :-(

What a day!

The day started off brilliantly.. Stubbed my third toe against the bed head-board. Though did not pay much attention to it, it was hurting badly enough to make me limp.

I get to class and attend the class of the most hated lecturer of our department. Bah..
Luckily for us there was to be an announcement regarding the seminars we are supposed to give as a part of our semester evaluation.. Lucky me ;-)

Anyways the HOD came in and started lecturing us to attend class regularly before handing off the stage to the concerned lec. He is another unsupportive lecturer. Just keeps getting better.

He then proceeded to outline the guidelines regarding the presentation and the seminar. Interpreted the rules as strictly as possible and has left no space in trying to screw us out. I had multiple arguments and once to the point of almost walking out of the class.

He finally called the HOD in to deal with is (Me ;-) ) who came and stated that whatever the lec says is final. I had an argument with him too but to no avail Talking to them is like talking in space.. Cannot even hear oneself. Seeing it futile, I finally shut my mouth and tuned them out leaving the others in the class to deal with them.

Finally they left the class by which time the actual lecture was almost over. I wanted to leave immediately but had to wait for the rest of my group to leave.
Then they make a plan to go out for lunch. It was a nice lunch. Chinese.. Yum :-)

Then left to get my PC’s motherboard repaired.. Its burnt a capacitor or has a short.. Dunno which but has already fried my SMPS. Had to wait there for almost 3 hours. (Keeps getting even better doesn’t it) Finally the guy goes through it and says need to get it checked in the company service outlet.Grr.. Then why make ME wait..

Finally returned home after SUCH a productive day with my tow having turned blue from the morning stub…

Lets see how much more this weekend improves

Usefully wasted day

We finally spent an entire day in the company. But the systems are not set up completely :-(
Well we tried learning up some stuff related to the project. Learned quite a bit and wasted quite a bit of time chatting with each other ;-)
To top the day, our project guide announced he will not be coming tomorrow so another day of doing nothing. Hmm… I wonder how people get work done here. We have seen ppl chatting on Y! here quite a bit.
Most of the office is empty as the indian operations is understaffed. They are looking to hire a lot of recruits. Future possibilities :-)

Gotta go now…. Will post more updates soon

Project commencement

I write this from the company ;-)
We finally started the project. I have stolen the comp from my partner who is currently abusing me for keeping him unocupied :-)

More to come later…

Nephews and their cutesies

I met my nephew who has come down from New Delhi after quite a bit of time. The kid is so cute, though usually he needs to be repetatively reminded of his various aunts and uncles names, for some reason, he remembered my name.

He is 4 by the way :-)

He has this bunch of toy cars which he gives names to, usually from the latest automobile add. Most recent christening is the Toyota Innova.

And he has this gun which makes a huge racket. He goes running around the entire house making noise making everyone wonder how he get the energy to do so ;-)


Finally we obtained more information on the project that we are supposed to be doing. Till today, all the project manager(PM) would tell us was in very vague and broad terms as if he loved to obfuscate on his language!

With the approval on our side we scheduled a meeting with him to obtain the specifics of the projects. We went armed with a list of questions with which to assault him and get him to detail more about the project!

He was quite pleased with our effort and answered all the questions. At last we had something more concrete to go on in regard to the project. But we still do not know when we start. The system required by us have still not been sanctioned… Bureocracy.. Humph!

However, we should get a confirmation on our starting date by tomorrow!

F1-2005 Inaugration

(Warning: Heavily skewered in favor of Ferrari and Michael Schumacher ;-) )

The first race of the Formula 1 2005 season started disastrously for the kings of F1 – Ferrari.

Due to sheer bad luck in regards to the weather condition, it started pouring just as the Ferrari’s came out on track. As a result the qualifying got really skewed and they ended up on row 9 in the initial qualifiers.

The second qualifier was no better as Michael had to change his engine as a result of which he started from the back of the grid. The start went of smoothely with Micheal gaining 3 places but it was difficult race from thee-on with his Ferrari and the McLaren of Kimi Raikonnen stuck behind a slower car.

The first round of pit-stops went of smoothely but Michael losing his postion to Kimi who, he had been leading before the stop :-(

The rest of the race I missed due to power failure at the cable provider. Which was so irritating and pissing off. The power only came back as the drivers were going up to the presentation stage :-(

As the results came on the screen, I realised that Michael had crashed out 15 laps prior to the race end. One of the rare one in the last 4 years.

The only redeeming feature of the race was the podium positions secured by Rubens Barrichello and Fernando Alonso, my two other favored drivers :-)

The end of the race was marked by a startegic move by the BMW team which pulled out both the cars from finishing thus giving them the option of changing their engines for the next race which is not allowed for those who finish races.

Another highlight of the race was our own very hero Narain Karthikeyan. The commentators were full of praise for him branding him a very good driver and someone to watch out for :-) Looks like he has a good future in F1.

Another update from the highlights: Michael got decked by Nick Heidfeld of BMW. Godammit…
Well next time he will be back with a vengeance ;-)

What a waste

Have been trying to install and figure out the installation routing for a couple of plugins in wordpress. Have not been able to configure any except one which is pretty simple.
A complete waste and more painfully, irritating, frustrating and pissing off.

Cant get any more emotions into a single line ;-)

Well tomorrow is another day to try :-)