Daily Archives: March 12, 2005

What a day!

The day started off brilliantly.. Stubbed my third toe against the bed head-board. Though did not pay much attention to it, it was hurting badly enough to make me limp.

I get to class and attend the class of the most hated lecturer of our department. Bah..
Luckily for us there was to be an announcement regarding the seminars we are supposed to give as a part of our semester evaluation.. Lucky me ;-)

Anyways the HOD came in and started lecturing us to attend class regularly before handing off the stage to the concerned lec. He is another unsupportive lecturer. Just keeps getting better.

He then proceeded to outline the guidelines regarding the presentation and the seminar. Interpreted the rules as strictly as possible and has left no space in trying to screw us out. I had multiple arguments and once to the point of almost walking out of the class.

He finally called the HOD in to deal with is (Me ;-) ) who came and stated that whatever the lec says is final. I had an argument with him too but to no avail Talking to them is like talking in space.. Cannot even hear oneself. Seeing it futile, I finally shut my mouth and tuned them out leaving the others in the class to deal with them.

Finally they left the class by which time the actual lecture was almost over. I wanted to leave immediately but had to wait for the rest of my group to leave.
Then they make a plan to go out for lunch. It was a nice lunch. Chinese.. Yum :-)

Then left to get my PC’s motherboard repaired.. Its burnt a capacitor or has a short.. Dunno which but has already fried my SMPS. Had to wait there for almost 3 hours. (Keeps getting even better doesn’t it) Finally the guy goes through it and says need to get it checked in the company service outlet.Grr.. Then why make ME wait..

Finally returned home after SUCH a productive day with my tow having turned blue from the morning stub…

Lets see how much more this weekend improves