Daily Archives: March 7, 2005

Nephews and their cutesies

I met my nephew who has come down from New Delhi after quite a bit of time. The kid is so cute, though usually he needs to be repetatively reminded of his various aunts and uncles names, for some reason, he remembered my name.

He is 4 by the way :-)

He has this bunch of toy cars which he gives names to, usually from the latest automobile add. Most recent christening is the Toyota Innova.

And he has this gun which makes a huge racket. He goes running around the entire house making noise making everyone wonder how he get the energy to do so ;-)


Finally we obtained more information on the project that we are supposed to be doing. Till today, all the project manager(PM) would tell us was in very vague and broad terms as if he loved to obfuscate on his language!

With the approval on our side we scheduled a meeting with him to obtain the specifics of the projects. We went armed with a list of questions with which to assault him and get him to detail more about the project!

He was quite pleased with our effort and answered all the questions. At last we had something more concrete to go on in regard to the project. But we still do not know when we start. The system required by us have still not been sanctioned… Bureocracy.. Humph!

However, we should get a confirmation on our starting date by tomorrow!