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F1-2005 Inaugration

(Warning: Heavily skewered in favor of Ferrari and Michael Schumacher ;-) )

The first race of the Formula 1 2005 season started disastrously for the kings of F1 – Ferrari.

Due to sheer bad luck in regards to the weather condition, it started pouring just as the Ferrari’s came out on track. As a result the qualifying got really skewed and they ended up on row 9 in the initial qualifiers.

The second qualifier was no better as Michael had to change his engine as a result of which he started from the back of the grid. The start went of smoothely with Micheal gaining 3 places but it was difficult race from thee-on with his Ferrari and the McLaren of Kimi Raikonnen stuck behind a slower car.

The first round of pit-stops went of smoothely but Michael losing his postion to Kimi who, he had been leading before the stop :-(

The rest of the race I missed due to power failure at the cable provider. Which was so irritating and pissing off. The power only came back as the drivers were going up to the presentation stage :-(

As the results came on the screen, I realised that Michael had crashed out 15 laps prior to the race end. One of the rare one in the last 4 years.

The only redeeming feature of the race was the podium positions secured by Rubens Barrichello and Fernando Alonso, my two other favored drivers :-)

The end of the race was marked by a startegic move by the BMW team which pulled out both the cars from finishing thus giving them the option of changing their engines for the next race which is not allowed for those who finish races.

Another highlight of the race was our own very hero Narain Karthikeyan. The commentators were full of praise for him branding him a very good driver and someone to watch out for :-) Looks like he has a good future in F1.

Another update from the highlights: Michael got decked by Nick Heidfeld of BMW. Godammit…
Well next time he will be back with a vengeance ;-)

What a waste

Have been trying to install and figure out the installation routing for a couple of plugins in wordpress. Have not been able to configure any except one which is pretty simple.
A complete waste and more painfully, irritating, frustrating and pissing off.

Cant get any more emotions into a single line ;-)

Well tomorrow is another day to try :-)