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Such a paradox. I was just reading something on relationships among people – friends, spouses, any close relationship between two people and realized that establishing trust can be so paradoxical.

On any matter, if one person does not trust the other initially, how can s/he trust the other’s answer or attempts to gain trust! :-/

Back to the regular programming schedule

Annnnnddddd… I’m back :) I landed yesterday, late in the morning.
It was a really good and fun trip. But I’m more tired than before I went. That is mainly due to a severe lack of sleep due to there being always something to do. Sit and chat with cousins, explore the ship or just go out and do some tourism ;)

Last night, I slept like a log for 12 straight hours.

Ps. Lots of photos but the camera is still with my parents who went ahead to Malaysia while I returned. All those will be uploaded once they return…

Just cruisin

I’m off today to Singapore for a cruise. Occasion? My uncle’s silver jubilee wedding anniversary.. The whole family is going to be there to celebrate. A welcome break which should be lots of fun.

It’s my first cruise though and I love the sea. So it should be a very good trip :)

When the Titanic sank

This image was the front page of a newspaper (Baltimore American) on April 15th 1912 when the Titanic sank taking with her over 1700 people to their deaths.

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