Monthly Archives: October 2006

Quote of the Day

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.

Noel Coward
English actor, dramatist, & songwriter (1899 – 1973)


I felt like spending some money for diwali. Don’t ask me why I felt that urge but then it was my dad’s b’day as well and I thought of getting him a gift. So I got him one of these..

Camera Front

Yeah I got him a Sony Cybershot H5. It’s a SLR like point and shoot camera with a 7.2 MP sensor and 12X optical zoom. The images are very crisp and clear with a very bright flash to use in dark settings.

Camera Flash open

Another great feature is the huge LCD display (which though does drain quite a bit of battery :( ). It has support for both automatic and extensive manual controls and optical image stabilization which tries to remove blur and haziness from an unsteady shot.

Camera Back

All in all, a great looking camera with loads of great features and not too heavy either. My dad was ecstatic and has been fiddling with it every morning, waking up early to learn it’s various features :D

I learnt

I learnt that burn wounds do not burn but hurt. Especially since the skin feels stretched. And how did I learn it? I burnt myself.
No, not on purpose ;) but by accident. Somehow I managed to touch the burning hot exhaust of my bike and it burnt me in 3 spots on my arm.

Sigh, I’ll probably have a scar for a long time. And quite a big one too I think :(