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Who is to blame?

I just finished watching Lord of War and found it a very powerful movie. Told from the perspective of a gun runner and how he lived his life, it gives a very nice insight into how a criminal (which is subjective but that’s another topic) thinks and rationalizes his actions to himself.

Anyway, so in the movie, the character played by Nicholas Cage, Yuri, always maintains “This is not my/our fight” while selling arms, arms which cause so much of death all over the world.

So my question is, who is to blame for all those deaths? Of course those who actually use the weapons are definitely to be blamed! But are those who sell the weapons to be blamed too? And by extension then, those who manufacture the weapons? What about the people who create an environment, the need for weapons which triggers the manufacture, sale and ultimately use of weapons? And by weapons I mean from the smallest gun to the largest bombs, missiles etc..

Ps. Yes I know it’s late but sleep comes not :(

Merry XMas

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Very happy new year!
Have a great holiday :)

Feeling down

A new study claims that good mood and cheerfulness prevents or atleast decreases the likelihood of contracting cold.

I guess that must explain why my cold wont go away :(

Via Slashdot

Brief Update

Blogging has been too very sporadic of late.. I have lot’s to say but then decide on second thoughts not to.
Anyway, I have been on two trips in the space of two weeks which is like huge for me. Planned and confirmed another trip/mini-vacation for new years.
Previous trip was to Ranchi, my sister’s place for a function.. Returned to Bangalore on Sunday.

Lot’s of other things happening on the personal front including decisions about my MBA. But all that for later since no concrete decision have been made.

I think I’m gonna come down with a fever..

Beautiful video of YouTuber

I found this a very nice video. Moving for some reason since it shows people in a variety of emotions, one of the most important aspects which separates us from animals.

Taken off VRS

Trip Photos

I know it’s been quite sometime since I returned from trip but lack of time and a bit of procrastination has delayed my posting them..

Anyway, so the photos of my trip to Singapore are viewable on my Zooomr Album page. Please do leave a comment about how they are.