Such a paradox. I was just reading something on relationships among people – friends, spouses, any close relationship between two people and realized that establishing trust can be so paradoxical.

On any matter, if one person does not trust the other initially, how can s/he trust the other’s answer or attempts to gain trust! :-/


  1. Srinidhi November 27, 2006

    scratches his head Ahhh….your head is fine right?Or did you lose your sanity in Singapore and come back?

    Since when did you start talking abt philosophy or whatever it is?

  2. AJ November 28, 2006

    It’s not philosophy. I just realised this paradox while reading some article. I mean, suppose I tell you that I do not lie and you really think that I lie, how will you decide whether I am lying right now or am telling the truth?

  3. Srinidhi November 28, 2006

    Oh…..ok…….I shall take it as the truth until you prove it otherwise…anyways I get your point……:)

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