I learnt

I learnt that burn wounds do not burn but hurt. Especially since the skin feels stretched. And how did I learn it? I burnt myself.
No, not on purpose ;) but by accident. Somehow I managed to touch the burning hot exhaust of my bike and it burnt me in 3 spots on my arm.

Sigh, I’ll probably have a scar for a long time. And quite a big one too I think :(


  1. Kev October 19, 2006

    Hope your arm heals soon and the scar is not too bad.

    I bet you won’t be going near the exhaust on your bike anytime soon :)

  2. Srinidhi October 24, 2006

    Hope your arm heals very soon.

    See this is what happens if you act like a small child trying to play with dangerous things :P. Grow up dude….:P

  3. AJ October 25, 2006

    The arm is almost healed but the skin is peeling off.. It looks ugly :(

    Kev: Yeah. I’m gonna stay as far away as possible ;)

    Sri: Good idea. I think I’ll grow up by beating the cr*p out of you :P

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