I need to reorganize. I am wasting too much of my time and not doing enough productive tasks. As a result, I’m not doing justice to my studies, work and some other stuff I should and want to do.

For this, I’m thinking of implementing some steps to reorganize how I spend my time. First would be to severely cut down on IM, E-mails and IRC. Well almost I hope cos it’ll be tough to get off skype since we use it mainly in our office to communicate with each other and the people in the US office..
Next, I somehow need to convince my parents to allow me to ditch my cell phones. I have absolutely no need for them and consider them a huge waste of time and money. Plus they are extremely intrusive. Unfortunately, my parents disagree and are literally forcing me to keep them! :(
I have tried and they say fine ditch the phones and then get one exclusively for keeping in contact with us. :O Yeah right, that would be so much different.
Next would be to reduce my RSS feed subscription to those which provide me a better ROI for my time in reading them. I have a lot of unnecessary feeds which, if removed, would most likely not cause a loss! ;)
Yes, this will prolly make me less accessible but then that is one my secondary goals as well ;)
But I’m not yet certain if I should go ahead with this.


  1. Haas April 19, 2006

    Time management = Very important :P
    I changed my sleep habits after I realized that I was wasting too much time on unnecessary stuff. I guess wrt time you always hv to lose something to get something :-s

  2. AJ April 19, 2006

    Yes but it’s not really my sleep habits (albeit they have been suffering quite a bit) which are a major problem but more of priority problem. I prioritize issues/tasks incorrectly. What should be higher priority is not and vice versa :(

  3. preethi April 20, 2006

    Sigh… I have been thinking of the same recently. I got to make better use of my time

  4. priya April 22, 2006

    way to go, man.

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