Daily Archives: April 28, 2006

The advantage of frankness

I always believe being frank to be advantageous. And with friends, I had always tried to be frank, even if it meant that sometimes I said something harsh, hoping that by saying the truth, I would prevent possible occurance of misunderstanding later.

But due to various reason, people going far(not in terms of physical distance), change in perceptions about people and a general disinterest, I had of late stopped speaking out to friends, not saying what I felt like saying or should say but instead kept it bottled up within myself. Heck have it bottled up even now!

But today, a conversation which started with some irrelevant topic got to the point where I spoke frankly to a friend, spoke about something that had recently bothered me and even pissed me off to an extent. And when I said it out, the reason due to which I had been pissed turned out to be so inconsequential because it actually stemmed from a reaction to something I had myself said, something which I now find extremely distasteful and idiotic. Nevertheless, once I realised the root cause, I realised it was my fault and that immediately turned my irritation to guilt and shame!

But it did do one thing. It cleared up the situation, erased any possible resentment and simmering billigerence and thus prevented any possible ugliness in the future.

And I am extremely glad :)

Yes, I will not reveal any info, but you know it ;)


I missed having the most major accident to date. I was trying to move to the right side of the road and an ambassador came across the road to take the left turn. I was travelling at a decent speed so I honked my horn and even flashed my lights! He apparantely paid no heed and continued.

So I had to brake at the last moment. Unfortunately, my front brakes are not working in their top condition so they are a little ineffective. And having gotten my bike serviced just yesterday, the back brakes are a little too sensitive. So I pressed on them a little harder which caused the bike to go into a wild slide. I had to immediately correct the bike and release the brakes. This though got me out of the slide, I nearly decked the amby had I not been able to swerve at the last moment and thankfully the car had also slowed down.

So I escaped a serious accident today :D. Am posting this as a protected entry cos a friend of mine had asked me, just before I left the office, to drive safely. And with this, I’m sure to get scolded ;)