V for Vendetta

Watched V for Vendetta, the movie, today. Excellent movie. Very well filmed and directed but most of all, it sticks religiously to the original Comic Book by the same name and written by the Great Comic Book Writer Alan Moore. Yes some parts have been changed for requirements of commercialization of the movie but it is largely the same. Really liked the movie. And of course, I do like the dialogue delivery and speech mannerism of Hugo Weaving who playes the title character. He is brilliantly supported by Natalie Portman who is extremely beautiful.

Ps. Since today is 1st of April, when the plan was made, I was a bit hesitant thinking that my friends might be playing a prank on me regarding the movie plan ;) Thankfully it was not so.

Pps. Rather disappointed that I did not get a chance to play any prank on anyone being that I am slightly on the prankster side :(


  1. Haas April 3, 2006

    Cant say i was not thinking about pulling a prank on you… but I resisted o:-)

  2. preethi April 4, 2006

    And I wanted to scrap you “Happy Birthday S**y” on orkut but resisted it too

  3. AJ April 4, 2006

    You better now x( >:P

  4. priya April 6, 2006

    ha, one of my friends has her bday on april 1st… most of her new friends dont turn up for her bday party;);)

  5. AJ April 6, 2006

    aww.. What a quandrary.. Whether it a prank or a genuine call for the B’day.. Poor girl :(

  6. Christine April 17, 2006

    Okay… so I’m not a big fan of comic book movies (although I loved Sin City). I’ve actually never read a comic book in my life… I start, but then get bored by about the third page. However, Christopher did drag me to V for Vendetta and it was pretty entertaining. My favorite part is when Natalie realizes (SPOILER!!!) that the creepy masked guy was responsible for her imprisonment, and after months of being locked up, tortured, and starved… the first thing she says is… “You cut my hair???!!!” It’s exactly what I would have said too… so I thought the dialogue was right on and very witty. :-)

  7. AJ April 17, 2006

    hehe.. Typical girl comment ;)
    Bothering more about the hair than the torture/imprisonment inflicted on her!

    But yeah, V was a pretty good movie compared to some of the crap inflicted on us like Fantastic Four, Catwoman etc

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