Daily Archives: December 27, 2005

I’m on WordPress 2.0

Wheee… I’ve like been waiting for the latest WordPress release which initially numbered 1.6 was later changed to 2.0 because it contains so many changes.

On the UI side, the blog will look about the same. It’s the backend, the admin console/panel which is quite a bit revamped! :-)

So… Anyways, since you can read this, obviously the famous 5 minute install of WordPress worked beautifully and the site is not broke :-D
PS. At the time of writing, the wordpress.org site is broken due to a recent redesign and many links were down, due to I guess heavy traffic :-(

Upgrade to WordPress 2.0

I will be upgrading my blog to WordPress 2.0 so if anything breaks, please bear. I’ll be working on it to get it up ASAP! :-)

The Best Blond Joke Ever

This is the best blond joke ever :-D

Ps. No offence to Blonds :-)