Daily Archives: December 4, 2005

Xprss It Finally Live

Well Xprss It is finally released. It is a RSS aggregator. But it’s not just the normal aggregator but also a community site where you can share content with others, have contacts and contact groups as well as publish your own Blog!

And this is only a preview release. We, at Applibase, have worked for quite sometime on it and are quite proud of it. We hope to add _tons_ of features before the next beta release which should be quite soon. But till then, please try it out and give us feedback as well as criticism on how to improve it :)

Warning: It is a Preview Release so things are bound to break. But worry not for we are working harder than ever to make sure things get fixed before you notice them. And if you do notice them, tell us and we will fix it before you know it ;-)