Monthly Archives: November 2005

Foss.In 2005 – The Bangalore Open Source Conference

So I attended the Linux conference, Foss.In being held in Bangalore. I wanted to attent PHP, mainly the ones to be given by Rasmus Lerdorf

The guy is brilliant. I sat through the talk cursing myself for not attending his earlier talks. I am a big fan of PHP and really wanted to attend all the talks on PHP at Foss.In. But work pressures and requirements caused me to be unable to do so.

However, the talk was about large scale PHP. In it Lerdof speaks about the recently release PHP 5.1 and the upcoming PHP 6. He also showed the new features in 5.1 and how they can all be used to create large scale, well managed applications in PHP.

An excellent talk which I’ll remember for quite sometime :-)

I’m Alive

Ok.. I know I’ve been away far too long. It was all a combination of a hectic work schedule, a few other priorities in life and generally being a little messed up in the top floor.

In the past few weeks I’ve had a product release come up, postponed and also been away to Kolkata(Calcutta) for a cousin sister’s wedding. The wedding was awesome fun but I was darn sad to see my sis leave. She is one of my favorite sisters after all :-(

Well I’ll try to be a little lot more active from now on! I also have a couple of issues which I want to write about.. :-)