Ipod Nano

Ipod NanoApple has launched the IPod Nano, a new mini Ipod player which is based on solid state flash memory. It comes with 2 and 4 GB capacities with each capacity coming in black and white colors making a total of four models. It also has the awesome click wheel which is ultra touch sensitive and insanely fun to use.

It has the color screen using which you can also use the nano as a digital photo album. A smaller IPod photo.

And it’s dimensions are even more sleek. It is smaller than an average playing card and thinner than a regular wood pencil. Now is that nano or what :-D

Along with the new IPod release, Apple has also unveiled the Motorola ROKR the first phone with Itunes in it. It usually ships with 512 MB or flash card which can store about 100 songs. So more good news for those require integrated phone cum music player.

Note: Image courtesy Apple Inc


  1. Sean September 9, 2005

    Smaller! I demand smaller!
    Hehe, also on there site I noticed that they have a Harry Potter iPod – sheesh, I think we have enough different kinds already

  2. Christopher Trottier September 9, 2005

    I know what I’ll be buying soon.

  3. AJ September 9, 2005

    Smaller :-O

    Not me or I will constantly be worried about breaking it :-D
    Though, knowing apple, they are bound to give you your wish and miniaturise it further ;-)

  4. Jem September 9, 2005

    Yay, something else for me to lose.

    No, not really, I’d have to have one to lose it. I don’t get the point in the ever decreasing size of gadgets to be honest. We’re going to have some sort of motherboards programmed into our arms soon and the next iPod will be a chip that just clips in. Well, maybe not..

    (Surfed in via BlogExplosion.)

  5. AJ September 9, 2005

    Well your fears are already coming true. Developments in sub-dermal chips are already in an advanced stage and human computer interface is also an area of extreme active development.

    And I would soon expect just a earbud which goes into the ear and gives everyone their dose of music ;-)

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