Rising fuel prices

Well it finally happened. What was being resisted for long by the government and being postponed for quite sometime has happened. The price of petrol (Gasoline for those of you from the US :-P ) and diesel has been increased. In Bangalore, where I live, it is now INR 50.30 per litre of petrol. That would be more than $1 per litre.

Now I know it was inevitable but this is becoming insanely expensive. And to beat, I ride a bike which gives a much better mileage than cars. Recently a few cartoons have been doing the rounds on the internet where they mock the rise in fuel costs showing ppl taking loans to purchase a tank of fuel and the like. I used to laugh at ’em thinking what doomsday preachers. But it seems they were right for a change. At the rate the prices are increasing, it might soon become a reality.

And with no real mass market of alternate fuel vehicles, I am really unsure what the future holds in terms of transportation means. :-(


  1. Indigo September 12, 2005

    The prices are sky high! I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid, and still don’t care for the price of gas.

  2. AJ September 13, 2005

    Of course you would not :-P
    You drive a Hybrid car. I ride a bike and in India, there are no Hybrid cars yet :-(

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