Goodbye Schumi

The legend, the greatest driver in Formula 1 history finally retires.

After a fantastic win in Italy, Michael Schumacher announced his retirement from the sport where he has reached a position no other driver can reach. It is a sad day to see my favorite driver retire. He will be missed. :(

To make the news of Michael’s retirement slightly less painful, Kimi Raikkonen has signed up for Ferrari. Kimi who was my favorite driver after Michael will continue my support for Ferrari. I am glad he decided to join the Prancing horse team :)


  1. Swetha September 14, 2006

    Oh i am gonna miss him in that red car!!!! I feel aimless watching F1 now :D sounds funny huh? But i am glad kimi will get a good car at last!

  2. AJ September 15, 2006

    I agree. I wondered myself too if F1 was worth watching. But then Kimi, Kubica and Rosberg make me want to :)

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