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Brief Update

Blogging has been too very sporadic of late.. I have lot’s to say but then decide on second thoughts not to.
Anyway, I have been on two trips in the space of two weeks which is like huge for me. Planned and confirmed another trip/mini-vacation for new years.
Previous trip was to Ranchi, my sister’s place for a function.. Returned to Bangalore on Sunday.

Lot’s of other things happening on the personal front including decisions about my MBA. But all that for later since no concrete decision have been made.

I think I’m gonna come down with a fever..

Last call

So I’ll be flying out to Hyderabad tomorrow morning. Reason: My gmat center is in Hyd. I could not get a Bangalore slot :(

The test itself is day after tomorrow at 1 pm. So I have sufficient time to scope out the test center and maybe get in a bit of last min revision/cram etc. (Not that there is anything to cram in the GMAT ;) )

Regardless I’m mostly prepared for the test except for a couple of topics. Mainly Probability in Quants and Sentence correction and Reading comprehension in verbal. I am hoping I’ll be able to manage the essays though they still feel messy.

Piece of advice to all those planning to write GMAT, work hard on SC and RC in verbal. And concetrate more on verbal, it is much more important that quants and more tricky too.

A more detailed post will follow after my Gmat and Toefl to explain my studying and mistakes I made while doing so ;) As well as a comprehensive list of resources, links etc for reference to others :)

Wish me luck!

The Jump

I have finally decided to book slots for GMAT and TOEFL. Actually started reading up on the tests and going through the site in my lunch break and looked for available slots in late July or early August. But that caused a mild panic to set it because no slots were available for GMAT in Bangalore for those periods except 24th July which I did not want to take. So decided to check again when I got home.

Now once I got home, I found out that I must first register on the site and registrations take upto two days to get approved. So I cannot book a GMAT slot until friday I guess :( :((

Then I went about reading up on TOEFL and it’s new scheme and decided to book a slot in it, or if like GMAT, atleast register on the site. Thankfully, there I could immediately book a slot. But, if afternoon was mild panic, the evening was “major panic”.

Why? Because I could not locate a single available slot in the months of Late June, July, August and even September, in 10-11 centers spread in 8 cities. This was for the TOEFL CBT. I then surfed back to the slot booking options and selected the TOEFL iBT. (Yeah this is conducted on a computer too, don’t ask me, I didn’t keep the name ;) ) And to my amazement and thankings, a slot was available for the 4th of August which I booked without hesitation.

Now I only need to start studying for the TOEFL ;) :D
Wish me luck :P


My account has been approved and I’ve now booked a GMAT slot for the 27th of July, but the center is in Hyderabad :(

Atheism – Pseudo

We (as in the Jain community in Bangalore) have recently constructed a new temple. Whenever a new temple is constructed, to ordain the “building” as a temple, a series of Poojas have to be performed. These take about 5-6 days and this will happen starting this weekend on the 3rd. In addition to this, there will also be some other religious preachings and cultural programs to further the knowledge of our religion.

Now, I am an atheist. I do not believe in God or the concept of God. But not having explicitly stated this to my parents who are quite religious and take active participation in the community events and occasions pulled me into the preparations for the ordaining ceremony. The entire ceremony is being managed by my uncle with a lot of other people along with my dad being delegated the smaller details. So yesterday, I was assigned something to do as well.

Though I have never told my parents outright that I am atheist, I have always shown a disinterest in it. But I have to force myself to do all this for their sake which I do not quite welcome! I plan to just grin and bear it for the next few days!
Sigh :(

Inspiration for Violence?

An actor called Rajkumar, Dr. RajKumar actually, a local actor, died today. Though we got the news at about 1430, It was not a big deal to me except that I got a half day off ;). But what I did not like, kinda pissed me off was the reactions of his so called fans.

There were reported rioting, tyre burning and apparantely calls for a bandh tomorrow. And all this because Rajkumar died. It’s not like he was murdered or killed in some demonstration but he died of natural causes. So what do these fans want to prove? That he should have been immortal? Or are they showing their fanboyism by mourning his death by stoning others burning tyres? What are you exactly trying to prove?

No I did not really like Rajkumar because he was a huge influence and in my opinion he did not always use that influence for the right. But that’s my opinion! And now with his death, he is only causing grief to people who are affected by these riots. A friend of mine narrowly escaped today. A stone thrown at her bus hit a window close to where she was sitting. I am glad nothing happend to her and she escaped unhurt.