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et Finito

So the temple is finally a “temple” (before all these functions, it was just a building) and all the ceremonies and functions to deem it thus are finally done with and over. I attended everyday in the evening and took half a day off today to attend the final function.

Well, I cannot honestly say I took part though because of my disinterest. But I enjoyed meeting up with friends who I had not met in over a long while. Almost 5-6 months or maybe more :( That was good fun. Plus quite a few relatives had come down especially for this so met them as well.

Now it’s done with and hopefully I can get back to my regular routine, regular schedule and get some serious studying done..

Ps. My mom has gotten me a tiny silver ring and a chain-bracelet which is supposedly “holy”. Seems I’m building up a collection of jewellery what with 3 rings and the bracelet on my left arm ;) :D

Atheism – Pseudo

We (as in the Jain community in Bangalore) have recently constructed a new temple. Whenever a new temple is constructed, to ordain the “building” as a temple, a series of Poojas have to be performed. These take about 5-6 days and this will happen starting this weekend on the 3rd. In addition to this, there will also be some other religious preachings and cultural programs to further the knowledge of our religion.

Now, I am an atheist. I do not believe in God or the concept of God. But not having explicitly stated this to my parents who are quite religious and take active participation in the community events and occasions pulled me into the preparations for the ordaining ceremony. The entire ceremony is being managed by my uncle with a lot of other people along with my dad being delegated the smaller details. So yesterday, I was assigned something to do as well.

Though I have never told my parents outright that I am atheist, I have always shown a disinterest in it. But I have to force myself to do all this for their sake which I do not quite welcome! I plan to just grin and bear it for the next few days!
Sigh :(