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So I’m back from my trip. Returned on Monday (2nd), a day earlier than planned because the date of my joining my new job was advanced to then. More on the new job in a bit.

The trip was long, fun and tiring. But it was a blast. Visited Ranchi, Pune, Lonavla and Khandala (topic for another post). Have lots to say but the new job is keeping me very busy so not much time. With the long weekend thanks to Easter, I should be able to though..

More to come.. :)

Nice long trip

With my “joblessness” ;) and becoming an uncle I’m not off to a trip to my sister’s place for my niece’s naming ceremony which is on Sunday.

The name decided upon is Aanya. I do not know the exact dictionary meaning but it pleases me that it is supposed to mean something close to the meaning of my name :)

Anyway, back to the topic, so I’ll be gone for about 10 days because I’ll be going to visit Al in Pune for 3 days from my sister’s place before I return to start up on a new job (more on that once I return)

Cya all on the other side of the trip :D

Ps. I will likely have no internet access so will not be able to reply to mails! And the infrequent comments

Brief Update

Blogging has been too very sporadic of late.. I have lot’s to say but then decide on second thoughts not to.
Anyway, I have been on two trips in the space of two weeks which is like huge for me. Planned and confirmed another trip/mini-vacation for new years.
Previous trip was to Ranchi, my sister’s place for a function.. Returned to Bangalore on Sunday.

Lot’s of other things happening on the personal front including decisions about my MBA. But all that for later since no concrete decision have been made.

I think I’m gonna come down with a fever..