Who is to blame?

I just finished watching Lord of War and found it a very powerful movie. Told from the perspective of a gun runner and how he lived his life, it gives a very nice insight into how a criminal (which is subjective but that’s another topic) thinks and rationalizes his actions to himself.

Anyway, so in the movie, the character played by Nicholas Cage, Yuri, always maintains “This is not my/our fight” while selling arms, arms which cause so much of death all over the world.

So my question is, who is to blame for all those deaths? Of course those who actually use the weapons are definitely to be blamed! But are those who sell the weapons to be blamed too? And by extension then, those who manufacture the weapons? What about the people who create an environment, the need for weapons which triggers the manufacture, sale and ultimately use of weapons? And by weapons I mean from the smallest gun to the largest bombs, missiles etc..

Ps. Yes I know it’s late but sleep comes not :(


  1. priya December 27, 2006

    it’s called passing the buck.

  2. AJ December 27, 2006

    That’s not what I meant! What I mean is, not who should take the blame but who _is_ to be blamed.. There is a subtle difference no :)

  3. ~~VS~~ December 28, 2006

    Damn you! I have to recomment…

    It’s the doer who has to be blamed… it’s like all the sin’s in the world… you have all the material to do wrong but one has to make the decision to do wrong.

    maybe I go too far with this analogy but, Rapist have to be blamed for the rape not sex!

  4. AJ December 28, 2006

    Recomment? Why?

    I agree.. That is a good point. The choice in the way a tool is used is what matters. But what if those tools had not been produced at all? What then?

  5. ~~VS~~ December 28, 2006

    Yes we would have lived in caves, living a nomadic life, and still scared of the jungle cats and other beasts of the jungle.

    Weapons were our defense mechanism, for our protection, a deterrent…

  6. ~~VS~~ December 28, 2006

    [quote comment=”1559″]Recomment? Why?[/quote]

    Coz i submitted without filing up the fields above…

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