Goa trip and photos

So I had a blast on new years.. Allwin, Sujit, my bro Rish and your’s truly had gone to Goa for the new years celebration. Goa, considered to be the best party spot for new years was on the horizon for a trip for me for quite sometime. So this time, I decided to “Just do it” ;)

Pulled in Al and Sujit and my bro of course was always ready. We departed on the 29th evening and arrived in Goa on the 30th. Met up with my brother in law who stays there and then to his home for an early lunch cum breakfast. From there, we headed out to the Baga beach, one of the most popular beaches in Goa. We spent the day there walking along the beach (having decided not to get into the water on that day but the next) and just watching the huge crowd on the beach. Also climbed up a narrow rocky path to a couple of enclosed beaches.

From Baga, we went for dinner after which we walked to another beach which was within the city of Panjim, Miramar. I was quite tired by then and my leg, having been hurt by a sharp rock, was paining quite badly. So I decided to skip the beach and instead sat in a coffee shop.

From Miramar, we went to one of the many casinos in Goa since the others wanted to check out and experience the casino.

The next day, we visited the Church of St. Patrick Xavier and then went to the Fort Aguada beach. It was here that we entered the sea. And what fun it was. So much that we just did not want to come out. Had it not been for the new years party, I’m pretty sure none of us would have come out of the sea.

From the beach, we went to our hotel for a quick shower and change of clothes and then were on our way back to go for the party. We planned to visit “On the Rocks” ;) a new disc in town on the Baga beach. And what a party it was. A whole lot of fun. Music, booze, good food and dancing! Rish managed to get wasted after having a little too much to drink :D
We finally returned from the party at 4 am in the morning (or atleast I think it was around then)

On our final day in Goa(1st), Rish and me stayed at my bro in laws house since Rish was still suffering from the effect of the previous night’s partying.. Al and Sujit decided to roam around and explore Goa.

We met back in the evening for our return journey to Bangalore..

The trip photos can be viewed in my Zooomr Album


  1. Asha January 9, 2007

    Seems like you had a wonderful time. Nice snaps… I guess you had a wonderful start for the year.. Cool…

  2. Christopher January 10, 2007

    Happy New Year! I know it’s like 10 days late! :)

  3. Goa Blog January 31, 2007

    Hi great article!

    you really enjoyed huh?

    you can email us the article if u want it to be published on our blog

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