Bangalore on the path of self – destruction

Bangalore is going down the wrong road. The city is losing it charm and appeal that was once it’s pride. With the recent explosion in it’s growth and the huge numbers of vehicles hitting it’s roads, it is getting extremely congested.

The distance which would earlier take 15 mins to travel now takes double or sometimes three times the same time. And pollution? It is so bad, I am seriously considering giving up my bike and start travelling by a car. Only trouble is that my office is extremely far from home requiring travel right through the middle of the city, something which will definitely ensure that I am late for work everyday.

Even the weather is becoming bad. Where at one time one never knew what a hot summer was, ppl now are requiring ACs and coolers in the summer. Trees being cut down indiscriminately to build new roads, colonies and the like are the root cause for it. Not to forget the increasing no. of vehicles.

And last but definitely not the least, the roads. The streets and roads are absolutely going aweful. Any new road which is laid is almost always promptly dug up by the sewage and water supply or the electricty/phone board to lay pipes/cables etc.

The situation is definitely worsening every single day and there seems to be no immediate scope for improvement. And this situation I blame almost entirely on the current government which is almost behaving as a puppet to certain ally parties who want them to concentrate entirely on the rural state and none on the urban regions.

At this rate, Bangalore for sure will soon become unlivable. It really is time to start doing something to improve it before it goes out of hand.


  1. Chandrahasa July 25, 2005

    So true man… I wonder how long Bangalore will hold onto the “Garden City” tag.

  2. AJ July 25, 2005

    I doubt for long.. At the rate it is deteriorating, we will soon be competing for the most unlivable city :-(

  3. Lee August 4, 2005

    The question as I see it is what’s going to be better for Karnataka’s economic development in the long-haul. The rural areas are in serious need of infrastructure improvements all over India, but they’re also not contributing much to the state economy. In the long run, a better Bangalore means more money for roads everywhere.

    -Lee (in Berhampur, Orissa)

  4. AJ August 5, 2005

    Indeed. As a result of the devolving infrastructure in the city, many of the software/IT companies are threatening to pull out of their operations here or are cancelling plans of further investment.
    That is one of the largest sources of revenue for the state and will definitely harm it in the long run.

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