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A walk in the clouds

So it’s been sometime since the Kalavarahalli Betta trek and the pics have been up on flickr (yay mo-photo-blogging :D )

The trek was a lot of fun with the climb not too difficult but not very easy. The difficult part was close to dawn as the dew condensation increased. Unfortunately for me, my shoes, while awesome on rough surface and mud, gets *very* slippery on wet stone. So at one point, I was literally struggling to stay on the rocks and not slip (had a close call too, almost slipped, got a handhold at the last moment)

Anyway, the top was awesome. *Very* strong winds, lot of fog/mist and clouds. It was an awesome experience to be there on top.

The pics are all taken off my awesome phone and uploaded directly to flickr. Whee..

Kalavarahalli Betta – Skandagiri

Right now i’m on top of a hill known as Kalavarahalli Betta or Skandagiri. It’s awesome here. Fog/mist, dew a beautiful sunrise. The weather is fabulous and the climb down should be trecherous ;)

The Trek – An Epilogue

(Extremely condenced and summarised)

First Trek, Experience – Not entirely pleasant.

So I’m back from the trek. I’ll let it suffice to say that while it was quite fun in the beginning, it turned quite sour for me on the first day, mainly due to my suffering severe leg cramps which would not allow me to walk at all. I spent about the entire afternoon of Saturday sitting and wincing in pain due to the cramps. The other part was the monotony of walking along the track unable to enjoy the surroundings, the scenery, the view due to the requirement of watching the track and where one puts their next step.

Walking on the stones which are filled between the railway tiers is not good for the legs due to the stones being loose and hence unstable.

An upcoming trip

I’ll be going for a jungle trek over the weekend. It’ll be my first ever trek/hike and am quite excited about it. It’s to a place called Yedakumari which will be the starting point for the trek. From there we’ll be trekking for about 2 days through forests, railway tunnels, bridges, along an old abandoned railway line.

There are about 35 people in the group going for the trek and it looks extremely promising and fun :)