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Beautiful video of YouTuber

I found this a very nice video. Moving for some reason since it shows people in a variety of emotions, one of the most important aspects which separates us from animals.

Taken off VRS


How things are not what they seem!
How situations are interpreted differently by different people!

Sigh :(

The Trek – An Epilogue

(Extremely condenced and summarised)

First Trek, Experience – Not entirely pleasant.

So I’m back from the trek. I’ll let it suffice to say that while it was quite fun in the beginning, it turned quite sour for me on the first day, mainly due to my suffering severe leg cramps which would not allow me to walk at all. I spent about the entire afternoon of Saturday sitting and wincing in pain due to the cramps. The other part was the monotony of walking along the track unable to enjoy the surroundings, the scenery, the view due to the requirement of watching the track and where one puts their next step.

Walking on the stones which are filled between the railway tiers is not good for the legs due to the stones being loose and hence unstable.