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Funny answers

A bunch of really funny answers in tests given by students..

Check it out at

Futile Attempts

I’ve been trying to improve my Hindi to an extent where I can go through an entire conversation without using a word of English. I’ve mostly failed miserably at it because I don’t know such pure Hindi. But I want to learn. Problem is, there isn’t anyone who I can converse with to practice and no material from where to learn and practice on my own.

And only in this attempt have I realized how bad my Hindi is and how difficult articulating myself in it is. And people think I’m nuts if I try to talk purely in Hindi. A colleague has even called me crazy for trying to use pure Hindi because according to her, it’s to medieval :D

Some times I think I really AM nuts :-|


I’m gonna go buy No One Belongs Here More Than You solely because of the brilliant website about the book. I think it’s a brilliant idea to promote the book. Extremely innovative and witty.

Thanks to Neil Gaiman.

I really am

I’m glad that so many people have shown concern that things are not right. But honestly, I’m ok.. Absolutely fine..

The main reason that I can deduce for why I did it was impulse and wanting to do something random. Honest :)

The problem with Wikipedia

This is exactly what happens to me! I search for something, go on a mad clicking and reading spree and never realize where the time disappeared.

The Problem with WikiPedia

Original image

Thanks to xkcd for articulating my exact feelings.

Superman better run

Uh oh. Superman better be careful. Scientists have apparently found Kryptonite. On Earth. How do they know it is kryptonite? Well from the movie Superman Returns of course :D

In the movie,Lex Luthor steals the Kryptonite from a museum. In the movie, the chemical composition is displayed on the case window in the museum. The recently discovered chemical has a similar chemical composition to the rock stolen in the movie.

I feel bad for Supes.Now every petty criminal is going to try and get the Kryptonite and try to kill him :P
The scientists better make him a shield against kryptonite now.

Shahrukh Khan in KBC

Just watched a couple of minutes of the latest version of KBC hosted by Shahrukh Khan. Is it only me who feels that he tries just too hard to emulate and outright copy Amitabh Bachhan. While I am not a fan of KBC I do think that Amitabh changed the landscape of television show hosting with his brilliant and touching hosting of the show!

Now Shahrukh wants to emulate that popularity and in that trial, is literally imitating Amitabh’s style but quite ineffectively

Quote of the Day

I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.

Noel Coward
English actor, dramatist, & songwriter (1899 – 1973)