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I’ve just started reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves. It’s a book about the incorrect usage of punctuation in the written language today and the misinterpretation the incorrect punctuation might cause. I’ve only completed it partly but it seems quite interesting except for the failing attempts of the author at humor. It gets grating at times.

Why am I writing about this? Well as a warning. More than a couple of my friends refer to me as a “Grammar Nazi” and well let this be a warning that I am arming myself further to interrupt and correct you when you make a punctuation error :P

Futile Attempts

I’ve been trying to improve my Hindi to an extent where I can go through an entire conversation without using a word of English. I’ve mostly failed miserably at it because I don’t know such pure Hindi. But I want to learn. Problem is, there isn’t anyone who I can converse with to practice and no material from where to learn and practice on my own.

And only in this attempt have I realized how bad my Hindi is and how difficult articulating myself in it is. And people think I’m nuts if I try to talk purely in Hindi. A colleague has even called me crazy for trying to use pure Hindi because according to her, it’s to medieval :D

Some times I think I really AM nuts :-|