The problem with Wikipedia

This is exactly what happens to me! I search for something, go on a mad clicking and reading spree and never realize where the time disappeared.

The Problem with WikiPedia

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Thanks to xkcd for articulating my exact feelings.


  1. Preethi May 9, 2007

    Yeah!! And a bigger problem is when all this happens in the office! :(

  2. swe May 9, 2007

    He he…. exactly!! I end up even forgetting where I started :D

  3. AJ May 10, 2007

    For me, the three biggest topics are Music, Comics and History (not necessarily in that order)

  4. priya May 11, 2007

    this happens to me somewhere in the middle of the night [or morning], when all i want to do is sleep, but there seem to be more and more links showing you stuff you always wanted to know!

  5. AJ May 11, 2007

    That’s exactly what happens.. It’s too immersive and addictive.. I’ve had to force myself to close the browser and go to sleep ;)

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