Daily Archives: February 28, 2007

Is there a fate worse than loneliness?

My sister gave birth to baby girl last Friday. That in combination with it being my birthday on the sunday (25th) was a cause for big celebration. My mom and I decided to go and distribute home made sweets to an old age home near our house. While there, we also decided to sponsor the lunch there yesterday.

While the papers were being readied, the manager there showed me around the old age home (it was my first visit, a fact that I now regret since I think I should have gone there much earlier) and introduced me to a some of those who stay in the old age home.

One of the ladies who we spoke to (with the manager as a translator) was very happy to have company. Every smile of the lady was tinged with sadness. Why? Because while we were talking, she revealed that she had a son and two grandsons, all three of who were working in the IT industry.

I was shocked. Rather, disgusted. Here was this lady who has earning sons and grandsons but who is likely considered a burden by them. How can someone take the decision to send their mother to a place where she does not know anyone, where there isn’t anyone to love and take care of her. Why is she even considered a burden?

I felt sad when we came out of the room and left for home again. The only thought in my mind was, what had that lady done to deserve this? Was her fault to have cared for and brought up her children?

During my visit, as we walked, I met a few of the people staying there. And all of them had a smile on their face which showed happiness on seeing me. And this was simply because they had some company, that some one had come to meet them. And seeing those smiles made my day. And it was there that I decided that I must and will do something more to see those smiles again. And I think everyone else should try it too.

Update: Many people have asked me for the address of the old age home. Here it is:

No. 53/7, Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore – 560 029
Phone: 26784621

(Landmark: Just past Boyancee, opposite BP petrol Bunk)

Not just another day

Yes, I had stated that it will be just another day (wont be visible because the post is private), the birthday turned out NOT to be just another day. Infact it was a great day. My oldest friend surprised when she turned out to be in town (which she pretended she was not) and came home to surprise me.

Later had a lengthy and fun lunch with her, bro and friends at a nice restaurant. And finally in the evening dinner with my elder bro. The day finally topped off with getting to see and play with his daughter who had just returned from Delhi with my sis in law.