Long time

Yes, it’s been quite long since I’ve posted. Work, a project I have recently taken up and my MBA applications have all contributed to my hardly having any spare time or for that matter, even a social life..

We have a release this month so it should be slightly easier after that.

MBA applications are killer. There is so much to do and with so little time, they are suffering the most. I have to write, on an average ~4.5 essays per University application. But one of the best things about these essays are that they force me to think about myself, my past and what I have done and what I seek to do in the future. They have required quite a bit on introspection (which I have done, sometimes into the wee hours of the night) :)

I have recently sent out questionnaires to people I work with so that I can get feedback about myself and how I am viewed by them.. This should be interesting ;)
Sleep is a precious commodity which I am losing out on big time. I feel I am perpetually in the land of tiredness :(

In other news, I received my Toefl Score which I must say I’m quite surprised with. I got a 114 out of a possible 120 which is on the higher side of my expectations. And I’m not complaining :D


  1. Srinidhi September 8, 2006

    Congratualtions dude, have fun and when is the party?

    As for sleep, I know you are in the office right now….just put your head on the desk and close your eyes. Lets see why you cannot sleep :P

  2. Kev September 8, 2006

    Good luck with your MBA applications, sounds hard work but I am sure in a few years time you will be able to look back and know it was worth it.

  3. Swetha September 10, 2006

    Told u that ur toefl is gonna go well :)! congrats..
    psst….let me know bout what ppl at work had to say bout u;)

  4. AJ September 10, 2006

    Thanks Sri, Kev. I’m sure that if the hard work does payoff, it will definitely be worth it!

    Swe: As I mentioned in the mail, I was suprised by my score :D
    Well, I could but it’s too embarassing. I’m quite sure it wont be too critical but it still will not be all glowing praises either ;)

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