I’m (in) a Cartoon

Not that I wasn’t ;) Well comic actually but that’s just being technical. :P

But I’ve been sorta featured in a cartoon :D I’d posted a few weeks earlier about Skeletor and Hordak, Partner’s in crime. It’s in the same one..
Link to the comic

Ps. You need to read the previous few issues to actually understand why I’m there and what penguins are doing in a Skeletor & Hordak Comic strip. Oh and do read the community info to understand more about the community ;)


  1. Preethi July 21, 2006

    LOL!! I read the previous strips to understand it. Funny comic…

  2. Haas July 21, 2006

    Super cool man… I had added that community to my friends list and hv been watching it since ur earlier post. Im agine my shock to see you featured in a comic :P
    I had no idea you had a sense of humor :))

  3. Srinidhi July 21, 2006

    ROTFLMAO !!!

    Man that was good, you were …..what shall we say…..just being yourself in the comic…..funny…..will you be put into more of them by any chance…atleast that way we can see wats the real you :P

    I know you are gonna kill me next time you see me….but it was worth it :P

  4. AJ July 22, 2006

    @Haas: Ahem.. I’m surprised too that I have a sense of humor ;) :P

    @Sri: I thought you were asking seriously until I read the last line! >:P Ill take care of next week.. Will beat you in your own damn office!

  5. Srinidhi July 24, 2006

    will you be put into more of them by any chance

    I meant above the line actually….only the others were to irritate you:P

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