Looks like my GMAT preps are royally jinxed :(
Why? Let me try to explain.

When I first started preparing, soon after that there was an upcoming function which made me virtually give up all studying for about a forthnight. A month after that there was another function, the temple opening which again caused a break for a fortnight.

Now I am the type who, even after multiple breaks can almost always resume studying right from where I stopped the previous time, even middle of the chapters. So this time I resolved to study much more determinedly and take no breaks no matter what. But it had hardly been 10 days (by days I mean normal days when I have to work as well as rush back home and study for whatever little time I get in the evenings), when I came down with a viral fever. That caused an interruption of another 3-4 days because I usually felt too tired to even sit for half an hour.

Well I recovered from that and had been studying when yesterday I think I have contracted conjunctivitis. Now it’s not confirmed since by the time I could visit my ophthalmologist, it was closing time and she would not take a look at my eye. I’ll be going to the doc and will be hoping that it is _not_ an infection but just a false alarm and if it is, it’s relatively mild and will allow me to study atleast semi-normally!



  1. priya July 15, 2006

    poor you! hope it’s nothing that prevents you from getting back to studies. take care, the weather is really bad.
    as a matter of fact, im down with a head-cold and all that that comes with it.

  2. Srinidhi July 15, 2006

    Looks like you have taken the luck of Vasu has chosen you as its next victim, luckily its not the accident luck for which you should be grateful. Keep your fingers crossed that the luck of Vasu leaves you as early as possible :P

  3. Preethi July 16, 2006

    You will have prepared more than enough by the time of the exam. Everything depends on how you perform on the final day, your presence of mind, weighing accuracy with time and your intelligence with guesswork and of course, luck. As far as studying goes, me thinks you are preparing quite well..
    So stop thinking negatively!

  4. Kev July 17, 2006

    Hope the eye thing clears up quickly, I had conjunctivitis a couple of times when I was a kid so I know it is not pleasant. Good luck with getting bad to studying.

  5. AJ July 17, 2006

    Well the infection was relatively mild and it’s actually not impeded my studies or work :)

    @Priya: Yeah I know the feeling. I had cold accompanying my fever too :(

    @Sri: I don’t think my luck has run out so much ;)
    If you remember, in college, I usually had pretty good luck :D

    @PP: I hope so about the preps. I always feel that it’s never enough and I need to study more. About negative thinking, nah, I don’t do that :P

    @Kev: Thanks for the wishes. The infection is all but cleared up now :)

  6. priya July 18, 2006

    talking of jinxed……… do you know blogspot is banned?

  7. AJ July 18, 2006

    Blogspot is not banned per se but yeah it is currently blocked. If you want ways to access it, lemme know, I’ll tell you how

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